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Empower your workforce withHaasyl Suvidha

Haasyl Suvidha allows the employees of our partner companies to access their earned by unpaid wages anytime during the month through our app - allowing employees to manage their end of month liquidity needs, have buffers for emergencies, all while improving their credit score.
Boost Employee Retention
Improve Productivity
Zero Cost, Zero risk, Zero impact on cashflow
Haasle Free Integration
Haasyl free integration
Savings For Your Business
Businesses experience measurable savings as a direct result of offering by Haasyl
Annual Savings
Savings In Employee Turnover
Savings In Lost Of Productivity

Adjust for your business to see annualized savings from reduction in costs.

Total Number of Employees

Existing Employee Turnover (%)
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During this tough times, Haasyl helped us to provide financial resilience to our employees
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for companies to roll out Haasyl to their employees?
What is the base that Haasyl uses to calculate the Earned Wages?
How does Haasyl Suvidha impact company cashflows?
Is Haasyl legally allowed to disburse funds to employees? What kind of licenses do they have?
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